4 Books Notaries Should Read in 2022 and 2023

Two more months and 2023 calendar pages will be decorating office walls, homes, private desks, and online calendars. As notaries move forward pursuing growth and development in the services they render to the public, there are books every notary should read this season. Serving well and prospering in any field takes commitment, education, and connection. ~Jeannie E. Franks~

1) Cyber NSA/LSA Essential guide for Remote Notary Signing Agents / Loan Signing Agents.

Number 1 book for Remote NSAs. With Remote Online Notarization booming and many title companies finally accepting closing documents signed and notarized online, the demand for Remote Notary Signing Agent has also increased.

<> This essential Guide for Remote Online Notary Signing Agents gives you

important and essential insight you will need prior, during, and after

rendering Remote Notary Signing Agent services.

<> Look at a list of compliant RON platforms and their fees.

<> See examples of Online Closings.

<> Understand essential aspects of customer service when acting as CyberNSA.

<> Strategies that will help you grow your CyberNSA business, and much more.

Get it here https://amzn.to/3TOCaXD

2) Remote/Webcam Notarization.

This book is the classic book when it comes to Remote Online Notarization for beginners. When published, it was the first of its kind available to the public to explain the Basics of Remote Online Notarization. It is considered an essential book on any notary's library today.

Get it here https://amzn.to/3SYc7MI

3) Cyber Aware: The Code.

The Cyber Notary Virtual Training Academy (CNVTA) highly recommends that a Notary Public handling notarial transactions over the internet or a notary public interested in rendering services online increases cyber awareness. CYBER AWARE brings to readers THE CODE to a Safer Cyber-Environment. it is a book for anyone operating within the grid of Cyberspace who wants to enhance Cyber Awareness. Also, this book will help the reader understand the difference between Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web, and much more. It is written in a way that anyone will be able to learn from it.

4) Tap Into Growth: Unleash Your Potential.

This is an amazing book with insights that will bring the best out of every reader; from self awareness to setting attainable goals. Get it here https://www.lulu.com/shop/je-franks-belgrave/tap-into-growth/paperback/product-6engqr.html?page=1&pageSize=4

These 4 books make a great gift for a notary in your local area. Notaries serve the public in ways that are important to not only signers but also the State notaries are commissioned at. These 4 books help notaries enhance their tools in the notary field.

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