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Presidential Elections in USA

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Dear readers, democracy in the United States allows people to have a voice through a voting system and an Electoral College to ratify the final voting count.

Presidential Elections in the United States of America is one of the most monitored events in the United States. Perhaps one of the reasons for it is the fact that a lot of power is handed over to the winner of such position.

Keeping a family together is already hard enough. Imagine having to keep a country together in all possible aspects; from avoiding economic collapse to keeping the country safe and prospering.

What makes the United States of America one of the most desired countries to visit, stay, and do business with? During a visit to Amherst College, students said that the USA has one of the best economy infrastructure ever seen. I am not a National Economy expert, so I asked what do they meant.

Simply put, they said: " Low income people in USA still have the option to prosper if they figure out how to do it."

"How does anyone does it?" I asked.

"Follow the basic foundations and anyone should be able to be lifted up economically in USA. Figure out how to pay debts, increase or maintain a high credit score, secure loved ones by obtaining a life insurance, and when ready, buy a property."

"Is that all?" I asked.

"It all begins with a mind set." they said.

After the conversation with the international students, it seems that Presidents in the United States need to continue to create and promote opportunities for economic growth regardless of financial status.

It is up to each person to figure out what it is available and how to enter in the channel of prosperity.

Economic impact is not the only battle ground during Presidential Elections. Other topics such as freedom of religion, right to bear arms, abortion, immigration, and subjects included in the United States Constitution are highlighted. Sometimes these subjects depend on current events transforming society.

Once upon a time, the United States of America was considered "The New World", and it was also a British Colony. Before the colonization, USA's inhabitants were known as Native Americans. Why is important to mention? Because the history of a country makes up the journey of those who leads it.

Every four years, we elect a new President or we give the current President another opportunity to lead the country. In the United States of America, each president can be elected twice only. The Twenty-Second Amendment of the US Constitution says: "a person can only be elected to be president two times for a total of eight years". The United States Constitution is truly a fascinating document.

United States Presidents we have had so far:

  1. George Washington (Virginia-Homeschooled/Military-Unaffiliated).

  2. John Adams (Massachusetts-Law- Harvard-Federalist).

  3. Thomas Jefferson (Virginia-William & Mary-Democrat/Republican).

  4. James Madison (Virginia-Educated in many fields-Democrat/Republican).

  5. James Monroe (Virginia-Law-William & Mary-Democratic/Republican).

  6. John Quincy Adams (Massachusetts -Law- Harvard- Whig Party).

  7. Andrew Jackson (Waxhaw/Border of the Carolinas-Democrat/Republican)

  8. Martin Van Buren (New York-Law-Democrat)

  9. William Henry Harrison (Virginia-Military-Whig Party)

  10. John Tyler (Virginia-Law-William & Mary-Whig Party)

  11. James K. Polk (North Carolina-Law-University of North Carolina-Democrat)

  12. Zachary Taylor (Virginia-Military-Whig Party)

  13. Millard Fillmore (New York-Law-Whig Party)

  14. Franklin Pierce (New Hampshire-Law-Northampton Law School- Democrat)

  15. James Buchanan (Pennsylvania-Law-Dickinson College-Democrat).

  16. Abraham Lincoln (Kentucky-Surveyor's license-National Union Party).

  17. Andrew Johnson (North Carolina-Democrat).

  18. Ulysses S. Grant (Ohio-Military-Republican).

  19. Rutherford B. Hayes (Ohio-Law-Harvard-Republican).

  20. James Garfield (Ohio-Business-Williams College- Republican).

  21. Chester A. Arthur (Vermont-Law-State & national Law School-Republican).

  22. Grover Cleveland (New Jersey-Education/Law-National Democratic Party).

  23. Benjamin Harrison (Ohio-Law-Miami University of Ohio-Republican).

  24. Grover Cleveland (New Jersey-Education/Law-National Democratic Party).

  25. William McKinley (Ohio-Law-Allegheny College-Republican).

  26. Theodore Roosevelt (New York-Law-Harvard/Columbia-Republican).

  27. William Howard Taft (Ohio-Law-Yale-Republican).

  28. Woodrow Wilson (Virginia-Political Philosophy/History/Law-Princeton University-Democrat).

  29. Warren G. Harding (Ohio-Business-Ohio Central College-Republican).

  30. Calvin Coolidge (Vermont- Law- Amherst College-Republican).

  31. Herbert Hoover (Iowa-Mining & Geology-Stanford University-Republican).

  32. Franklin D. Roosevelt (New York-Law-Harvard-Democrat).

  33. Harry S. Truman (Missouri-Military-Democrat).

  34. Dwight D. Eisenhower (Texas-Military-Republican).

  35. John F. Kennedy (Massachusetts- Government and International Relations-Harvard-Democrat)

  36. Lyndon B. Johnson (Texas-Education-Southwest Texas State Teachers College-Democrat).

  37. Richard M. Nixon (California-Law-Duke University-Republican).

  38. Gerald R. Ford (New England-Law-Yale-Republican).

  39. James Carter (Georgia-Mining and Geological engineering-TX Western University-Democrat).

  40. Ronald Reagan (Illinois-Economics & Sociology-Eureka College-Republican).

  41. George H. W. Bush (Massachusetts-History-Yale-Republican).

  42. William J. Clinton (Arkansas-Law-Yale-Democrat).

  43. George W. Bush (Connecticut-Business-Harvard-Republican).

  44. Barack Obama (Hawaii-Law-Columbia University-Democrat).

  45. Donald J. Trump (New York-Real Estate-University of Pennsylvania-Republican).

  46. [Elected] Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr, "Joe Biden" (Pennsylvania -Law-University of Delaware-Democrat).

An interesting system that takes place during the United States Presidential Elections is the Electoral votes. Each State has a number of electoral votes. The contender who reaches 270 first wins the Presidential elections.

There are a total of 538 electoral votes. As you will see in the map below, each State has a number of electoral votes. Why some States have more electoral votes than others? The number of electoral votes in each State has to do with  the number of congressional seats that State has in the House and Senate. Although thousands of people go out and vote, the decisive presidential ticket is decided by the 538 electoral votes; 270 being the magic number in the race to The White House.

Why the Electoral Vote System is important? Although the answer is in the Constitution of the United States of America, historical research shows that the creators of the electoral vote system wanted to ensure that future Commanders in Chief of the United States would be elected by sound minds regardless of the state of the Nation during Presidential Elections.

In a way, the President of the United States is elected indirectly by people who occupy certain positions in government. The why go out and vote? Because voters are like the neck of a head. Voters influence the decisions made by the electors of each State, or so we want to believe.

The current Electoral Vote System may also contribute to the Presidential elections running peacefully.

The electoral vote system is actually known as "The Electoral College". Established in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. The Electoral College is the official body which elects the President and Vice President of the United States. There has been amendments, but the Electoral College System is still in place and active.

How are "Electors" selected in each State? They are selected by popular vote. Each elector in each State is selected by the people. During presidential elections, there are many polls that let people know what is the overall popular view on who should it win. However, the President and the Vice President are elected by the Electoral College. The member of the Electoral College are selected by popular vote.

With new technologies in place, people are able to watch the process of the presidential election live online. I do hope we get to the point that we can all vote from the safety and comfort of our homes or offices, or someone comes up with a secured application that can be uploaded to a mobile device. Also, I would like to see Remote Online Notaries participating in the verification of identity of the voters, at least the Identity of the 538 official electors should be verify by commissioned Notaries Public able to conduct Remote Online Notarizations.

As I write this post today, I await for the results of the Presidential elections, the one that will let us know who will be the 46th President of the United States of America.

J.E. Franks-Belgrave visiting The White House.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to visit The White House for reasons other than presidential. It was just very exciting to be there and walk inside the same space where decisions that impact, one way or another, the history of our Nation are made everyday.

Signatures that made historical impact in the United States of America

What is going on in 2020's US Presidential Elections?

After waiting 4 days for the vote count, Joe Biden was elected the 46th President of the United States of America. Each vote in each State counts. However, there is an official body that will certify the numbers.

What's next in the election process?

Official Electoral Chiefs from each State will certify the election results in their state. On December 14, 2020, electors will cast their electoral vote based on the certified election results from their state. Remember, in the United States of America, the Electoral College is the formal body that elects the President and Vice-President of U.S.A.

Joe Biden's promise of working on healing the soul of our country, unifying political parties (or at least ease the division currently in place), improvements in healthcare, education, and mother nature's breathing air, along with utilizing his wisdom and experience in politics won the majority of US citizen according to the votes counted on November 7th. 2020. However, it will be the official electoral body who will go over the votes count and certify the final numbers.

Leaders from around the world congratulated the President Elect, Joe Biden, and said they are looking forward to working with him on key global issues.

The United States of America has played an important role in global issues such as global economy, trade, defense, and denuclearization. It seems that Joe Biden, a 77 years old US citizen with many years of experience in politics, will continue the legacy of keeping the United States at the top when it comes to global lenses and national dynamics.

Once Joe Biden's winning is certified by the official Electoral body, the United States will make history by having a female of African and Asian American background as Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris. The U.S.A has become a very diversify country.

The current president, Donald Trump, is giving the vote results a fight in courts.

December 14th, 2020 will be the day the final say is official, and January 20th, 2021 will be the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States of America.

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